Hi Niklas,

I built this tool for myself after watching the beta version of your course. But then I thought this might be useful for your buyers. So I made a little website of it in your style so you could better imagine what it could look like. This is just a preview, a proof of concept. It’s not perfect, it’s slow and the UX sucks (copy/paste, you’ll see).

But the AI and the prompt engineering in the background work 100% and they show, that AI can…

…eliminate empty page anxiety

…brainstorm in a directed and meaningful way

…inspire ideas

…an AI app that works like this would be an amazing addition to your course (not to mention how much more special it would be)

…an AI app could generate recurring revenue instead of only a one-time payment

This tool is not intended as a replacement of your course, but as a (pretty cool) assistant to your content.

If you’re interested in working with me to make this an addition to your course, let me know: hello@rolandsigmond.com


Das ganze hier ist auf Englisch, weil ich nicht weiß ob du das selber liest, aber ich komme aus Bayern, daher kannst du gerne auf deutsch schreiben 😉